Four Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book

1. Time

It takes time to find your niche and to cultivate your craft.  Be patient!

2. Obstacles/Roadblocks

Any path towards a dreams has obstacles/roadblocks, but most time we are unprepared for them. Develop a strategy to work the obstacles/roadblocks and continue to move forward.

3. Fear

Fear is a worthy opponent. Its always talking to you, nudging you, saying you can’t do it. Don’t believe in fear. You can do anything that you are willing to work hard for to achieve. It you believe in fear you will never take your life to the next level.

4. It’s Hard

You may not have a plan or strategy in place, so develop one. What looks easy initially is hard in reality but a good strategy can help ease the pressure of each step in your journey.


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